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Over 100 years  Of AMAZING info that will make help you understand health, barriers to healing, the Hidden Secrets Plan, sleeping sanctuary and the best supplements.  Every time you read this book, you'll get answers and inspiration. 
Do you know most doctors are not taught how to heal patients?  They *must* learn on their own.  Find out how 4 generations of doctors cracked the healing code . . . . . 
For the chronically sick patient, this book is going to change your life. Even if you have read other health books, this one is different because until now much of what is in this book wasn’t possible for you to access, because the treatments I am going to tell you about were developed through 100 years of treating patients. My great-grandfather taught my grandfather, grandfather taught dad, dad taught me these secrets. There isn’t another clinic like ours in the USA and probably not in the world. 
These are the HIDDEN SECRETS to curing your chronic disease.

You are going to get a big dose of Vitamin H (Hope). This isn’t a real vitamin but the experiences of other people are intended to give you the most important vitamin…Hope. I love this saying;

 “He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.” – Arabian proverb.
Not only is that cool... but check this out!

  • Real Science, Real Solutions and Real Stoires of Healing and Hope:  
  • Information on Sleeping Sanctuary 
  • The Best Treatments for Chronic Disease 
  • Why Some Patients Don't Get Better  
  • Barriers to Healing 
  • How to Talk to Your Doctor 
  • If It is So Good why isn't everyone using it 
  • What Dr. West Does to Stay Healthy, and  
  • Protecting Your Health Care Decisions.  
From liver failure to normal blood tests. Kenny Murdock's amazing story. 
meet the man behind the book
Dr Jason West
Dr Jason West is the owner/physician of the world-renowned West Clinic in Pocatello, Idaho and the West Clinic Draper (Utah). The offices is a blend of alternative and traditional medicine and has patients from every state and from every continent. Through the unique team approach, the West Clinic gets patient outcomes where others have failed.
The West Clinic was started in 1916 and has four generations of doctors and six generations of patients. Dr Jason West has two doctorates and a fellowship in health care disciplines. At the Southern California University of Health Sciences, he was awarded the Outstanding Senior Award (from the students) and the Presidential Leadership Award (from the president). Dr West has been featured on ABC, NBC, BYU Story Trek, American Ninja Warrior and has been the doctor of the year twice.
Dr West uses his education in bio-mechanics (chiropractic), bio-chemistry (naturopathic medical doctor) and energy medicine (acupuncture and homeopathy) to develop comprehensive treatments plans for chronic pain, degeneration, and to restore patients to optimal health.
Dr West loves attending continuing education seminars and it has been his goal to attend at least one seminar per month and has been doing so since he started practice in 2000. Dr West is a published author in the scientific literature on headaches. Dr West has authored multiple books including Hidden Secrets to Daily Living, and an Amazon #1 Best Seller Hidden Secrets to Curing Your Chronic Disease. His third book I Am Hero of My Own Story (patient success stories).
In addition to private practice Dr West is the founder of 3Cube Life, a new health care system for employer groups, Own My Health, a new system for individual consumers and Natures Nx, a trusted source for vitamins, minerals and herbs.
Dr West’s proudest professional accomplishment is the video blog, Daily Dose Vitamin H which is a listing of all his successful patient outcomes. He often says, “I didn’t put that together to brag or toot my own horn, but it’s so important for patients to see, touch and connect with successful patient outcomes.” Dr West married his wife Maxine and they have five sons. They are currently evaluating some potential daughters-in-laws and love to travel, dirt bike, snowmobile, and entertain health care providers when they come to visit Dr West’s practice.
Dr West frequently lectures and teaches all over the world and believes an important part in delivery quality care is to continual learn and share with other providers because there is no shortage of sick people.

A lot of awesome people think that the book and Dr West's treatments are really good!!!
Social Media Comments: 
I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like this book. It's SUPER, SUPER cool and the more I read it the more I want my friends to read it.  Thanks Dr West for writing a book that isn't boring. 
What a greak book.  It change the way that I looked at my husband's disease.  I love his conversational style.  Haven't read anything quite like it. 

Meet Aaron Fernau.  Failed back surgery in 1994.  No medical options and now he has his life back. 

Aaron F. 

Meet Kent.  He loves to bow hunt. He had a bulged disc and no strength in his arm. 4 treatments and he's back to doing what he loves

John Smith

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Becky thought she was going to die. Horrible migrating joint pain, bad stomach, no eneryg.  Got her health back. 

Becky Couture 

MS miracle case.  Meet Tessa. Numbnes and tingling throughout her body to being a mom again.  

Tessa Kaiser 
What's inside the book •
• Book  Pages •
There are some of the incredibly interesting and thought provoking things that you are going to learn inside of this book. I wanted to show you some of my favorite stuff here!
The top three most important things that you will learn:
  • The best treatments "THEY" don't teach in medical school. 
  • The 6 BARRIERS to healing that many people don't even know about. 
  • After you achieve health, how to stay that way.  
Page 33. Reasons why we get sick
Page 119 I The best investment you will ever make. 
Page 90. The best treatments for chronic disease. 
Page 150. Secrets to a good night's sleep. If you can't sleep, you cannot heal. 
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